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1  Spooky Channel Be sure to check the underwater photos and above water photos for Spooky Channel
Latitude 16  20.358 minutes North
Latitude 86 33.861 minutes West
Depth 5 to 95 feet with shore or boat access:

Whale shark photo taken by Annette Ruddy at Spooky Channel.
Whale Shark and Craig
Photo by Annette Ruddy at Spooky Channel (this is rare to see a whale shark in this area!)

Boat moorings are on the inside and outside of the reef.   This site is usually visited via a dive boat that will drop you off either on the inside of the reef and then pick you up on the outside or vice versa.  Fish are abundant in this area and include blue runner, harlequin bass, black durgon, butterfly fish, grouper, angelfish, parrotfish, octopus, lobster, shrimp, spider crab, trunkfish, porcupine fish, turtles, and rays.   The corals included flower coral, smooth starlet, ribbon coral, brain coral, sea rod, sea fans, tube sponges, and basket sponges. 

2  Bear's Den
Latitude 16
20.21 minutes North
Latitude 86
34.148 minutes West
Depth 30 to 105 feet with boat access:

Nassau grouper photo by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
Nassau grouper
Photo by Carlos Gordon

You should not venture to this location without a dive guide and boat from one of Roatan's many dive shops.  Bear's Den is located west of Spooky Channel and is well known for its honeycombed vertical coral wall, a large underwater cave, and a tunnel.  The tunnel is about 80 feet deep and located very near the boat mooring.  The tunnel runs 100 feet before opening at a large steep canyon.  The cave is located by swimming further to the east from the mooring (five minutes).  Recently, several large black grouper have been greeting divers as they enter the water at the mooring site.  The entrance is located in at a depth of 40 feet.  If you enter the cave in the late morning, you will get a lot of reflected light from the small openings at the top of the cave.  Here you will find large reef crabs.  Be sure to enter this cave only with a certified local guide and be sure to have an underwater light.  Be sure to follow the instructions of the diving guide.  

3  Peter's Place
Depth 10 to 130+ feet with boat access:

Picture of African Long Tails fish taken by Bill Orr.
African Long Tails
Photo By Bill Orr

Peter's Place is known for its diverse variety of fish and the mini wall that rises from a depth of about 40 feet.  Triggerfish, black durgon and sea fans mark this mini wall.  Near the deeper ledge are pillars of coral.  Grouper, parrotfish, angelfish, tang, and yellow snapper will greet you during the daylight.  Night dives will be rich with colors from sponges and giant spider crabs.  Eels, brittle stars, basket stars, octopuses, and flounders will greet you in the evening. 

4  Eagle's Nest
Depth 25 to 130 feet with boat access:

Purpletip sea anonome photo by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.
Purple tips sea anemone
Photo by Carlos Gordon

Eagle's Nest or Perch has a high knoll along the shelf of the reef.  Water depth ranges from 25 to 130 feet along this area.   Large spotted eagle rays are commonly found here along with turtles.  Large barrel sponges and sea fans are seen between the black durgon, triggerfish, and grouper.  

5  Fish Den 
Depth 10 to 130 feet with boat access:
Picture of turtle taken by Bill Orr.

Photo By Bill Orr

Fish Den is the local hot spot for lots of fish.  Water depth ranges from 10 to 130 feet where large schools of blue tangs, grunts, parrotfish's, yellowtail snapper, and flounder are found.  The shelf drops off around 35 feet to 130 feet and forms a spectacular mini wall with lots of sponges and soft corals. 

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