Carambola Botanical Gardens
"A walk in the woods" vs "A wonderful walk with nature"

Carambola Gardens are located along the main road in Sandy Bay, just across from Anthony's Key Resort.  The Gardens can be contacted at 504 2445-3117.  The "gardens" have not changed much in the last 18 years even though the cruise ship passengers have been filling the place on cruise ship days.  The entrance fee is $5 and has "A Wonderful Walk With Nature" printed right on the entrance coupon.  The trails and plants displayed have been upgraded in 2013.  For the entrance fee, you will have the opportunity to take a "walk in the woods" and a walk in a "garden area".  The garden area does have a good selection of tropical plants and trees that are found on Roatan.   Bring your own plant and tree book!  However, once you leave the garden area, it is best described as "a hike in the woods" on a small, steep, marked trail.  At the top of the site, there are some nice views of West End, Gibson Bite, and Anthony's Key Resort.   Just stay on the path and you eventually will get to the top on either the Jungle Trail (misnomer), Mountain Trail, or main path.   Below are a few of the plants that were not marked.  There are about 30 plant markers in the garden.

Picture of flowers in bucket at Carambola Gardens.  Picture of flowers on blue bucket.

Picture of Carabola Gardens.  Picture of large plants at Carabola Gardens.

Picture of Anthony's Key Channel on Roatan Island form the top of Carambola Gardens.

Anthony's Key cut from the inside through the reef as seen from the top of Carambola Gardens. 

If you are looking for a true rainforest experience,  the mainland of Honduras has several guided tours in the Pico Bonito Forest (7,500 ft in altitude).  Pico Bonito is located only a short day trip or overnight trip from Roatan to LaCeiba.  (Roatan to LaCeiba by ferry or airplane is approximately 30 miles).  Several tour operators offer trips into the park.  Day trips and overnight camping is available.  The best bets for tours within the park are Omega Tours, Jungle River, The Lodge at Pico Bonito, and Rios Honduras. Also, check (Jungle Lodge--lodging, river rafting, hikes, and canopy slide), or (Lodge) for a sample of what is on the mainland in the Pico Bonito area.  Camping is available in Pico Bonito.  Pico Bonito is for the adventure traveler.  Expect basic facilities with a friendly staff.  If you want to see the real beauty of a tropical forest and the animals that inhabit it, head to Pico Bonito near LaCeiba.

Other tourist sites on the north coast west of LaCeiba are the Jardin Botanic Lancetilla and the Wildlife Refuge at Cuero y Salado.

Carambola Gardens 2445-3117

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