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The utilities that service the Roatan Vista Villas are discussed here.   This page is intended for prospective homeowners who want to know more about the utility services available on Roatan. 

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Electric power is supplied by the Roatan Electric Cooperative (RECO which was recently converted to a private company.  Metered power is delivered to each unit by underground cables.  These cables connect to each unit’s 100 amp service breaker panel.  All the electrical components were supplied from US manufacturers.  A whole panel surge protector is mounted on the panel.  Power is adequately distributed throughout the unit and has a 220 amp service outlet in the kitchen area for the range and in the storage bodega for dryer hookup.  Unit owners  apply for service and become members of the electric cooperative.  Backup power generation is an option and is currently available to the model and some rental units.


Water is provided by the Sunnyside Water Company which is a non-profit water company.   This company is operated by the Sunnyside Resort owners and supplies water on a metered basis to all lots in the Sunnyside Resort.  The well water is supplied from a deep well located on the Resort property. Pressurized water is delivered to each lot. Each condominium unit has an additional pressure pump.  This water has been tested and found to be suitable for drinking by a testing authority in the US.  Details on the water quality can be obtained directly from the Sunnyside Water Company.  This well water is used for the cold water outlets in the bathrooms and kitchen (the normal sink outlets for drinking water).  In addition to well water, building 1 is supplied by a 4,000 gallon cistern water and building 2 and 3 are serviced by a single 10,000 gallon tank.  The cistern is normally filled by the roof collection system. Each cistern is automatically backed up by well water if the water level in the cistern is too low.   Cistern water is used for toilet flushing and bath showers.

Septic and Dry Well

Building 1 is connected to a 3200 gallon triple chamber tank with grease traps.  The tank is connected to a leach field that contains multiple leach lines totaling 55 meters in length.  Additional line expansion areas have been reserved in the common elements.  Building two and three are serviced by a single 8,000 gallon triple chamber septic tank with grease traps and with multiple leach lines extending a total of 98 meters.  All septic systems exceed US and Honduran standards and capacity guidelines.  Building one gray water or water from the washer, sinks, and showers is deposited in a large dry well.  Building two and three are serviced by separate dry well.


Each unit has been pre-wired for cable television.  Cable outlets are located in the living room, kitchen, and both bedrooms.  Cable TV is available on Roatan and is approximately one mile from the Sunnyside location.  Microwave antenna "cable" service is available and is currently servicing the model unit.   Each of these services requires a monthly subscription and installation fee.


Cellular phone and land based phones are available on the island.  Each unit has been pre-wired in the bedrooms, living and kitchen areas for telephone service.  Telephone service is available from Hondutel, a Honduran government controlled company.  Cellular telephone service is operational on Roatan and sales offices have opened in Coxen Hole.  Email and internet access is available through Hondutel and other service providers.  The phone number of the Vista Villa model office in Sunnyside is 2445-3021 (Country code 504).

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is handled by the local municipal government.  The municipal disposal dump is currently located near Mud Hole.  The real estate taxes pay for this service.

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