Tourist Publications for Roatan Island

There are several free publications that the tourist traveler will want to pick up soon as you arrive in Roatan.  The first is Honduras Tips which is readily available from most resorts and hotels.  In this publication, you will see "Tips" on Roatan and all of Honduras.  This is published quarterly and is considered the "The Official Travel Guide of Honduras".  Generally speaking, this is "relatively" current and has maps, descriptions of restaurants, etc.  Keep in mind this is a commercial publication that gets its revenue from selling ads.  Their web site at  It does cover the major cities in Honduras.  (We are not listed in this publication since we have not purchased an ad.)  You will find similar small tourist booklets at the car rental companies at the airport.

If you want the real news of the region including the main land area and the Bay Islands, then Honduras This Week is your online choice or you can purchase one for approximately 7 lemperas.  This is the real news of Honduras and is published weekly.

Another excellent publication is the Bay Islands Voice.  Articles on the local politics and infrastructure problems in Honduras and the Bay Islands.  You can read previous issues of the Voice free on their web site  The Voice will give you the local gossip and interesting news.  The Voice costs about 130 Lempiras for a hard copy on the island.  You will find the Voice in the larger grocery stores.

Another publication is the "Roatan Great Location".  This small free booklet contains maps, a tourist oriented telephone directory and lots of tourist information.  You can find this booklet at the airport and car rental locations. 

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