Oakridge and Punta Gorda Villages on Roatan Island

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GIF Village map of Roatan Island.

Picture of the Oakridge turn off sign on the main road of Roatan. Picture overlooking the harbour at Oakridge Roatan.

Located on the southern end of the island to the east of French Harbour is Oakridge.  Oakridge is a small and very picturesque community from the hill.  Most tourist do not venture in to Oakridge since there are no tourist activities there.  The Reef House Resort is located on a small key just across from the main dock at Oakridge.  The Reef House does have restaurant service.  The Blue Bayou Hotel is also located here.  On the opposite side of Roatan is the Garifuna community of Punta Gorda.  Punta Gorda was the first Garifuna settlement in Central America where the Indians were marooned by the British in 1796.  The paved road at the Oakridge cut off becomes a dirt road and leads further east towards Camp Bay, Port Royal, Old Port Royal and other communities.  These communities are lacking in infrastructure of any kind and therefore appropriate only for the adventuresome tourist.  If you venture to the far eastern end, you will only find great scenery and isolated beaches.

Paya Beach is a very exclusive restaurant in a very beautiful setting.  To get there, you must continue on the dirt road leading east from the Oak Ridge to the Punta Gorda.  Bring your swim suits, as there is a good beach just below the excellent restaurant.  Near Paya Bay is Camp Bay, with a large tract of unspoiled, natural white sand beaches.  To get to Camp Bay continue on to the left at the Y in the road at the Port Royal cut off.  Continue about another mile and look for a sign to Camp Bay.

Camp Bay has a great beach and a restaurant.  La Sirena restaurant at Camp Bay is very casual and is considered one of the best restaurants in all of Roatan.  There is also a cayuca tour of the Mangrove Forest on the canals available.  Camping is permitted on the Camp Bay beach.


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