New Souvenirs

The New Souvenirs and Tours gift shop is located on the second floor of the Plaza Del Mar grocery store.    You'll see that Ada and her staff can provide you will a large variety of merchandise at a "special price."  They will do instant engravings on you wood items at no additional charge.  T-shirts and other clothing products are available.  If you missed out and want to contact them later, you can send an email to

See the Coxen Hole map for the location of Warren's Grocery store along the main road.   You can reach the shop from the US by dialing 011 504 2445-2447.  (This page is provided for information only and is not an endorsement of this store).

Picture of Dominga showing a carved door.
Dominga showing one of their carved mahogany doors
Picture of Ada showing carved wood wall hangings.
Ada showing some of their carved paintings

Nancy, Adabel, Arumi, Sayra, Clancy and Erlis

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