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while visiting Roatan Island

Children are welcome on Roatan.  Roatan is an outdoors adventurer's paradise with lots of physical activities.  Careful consideration should be given to how young of a child you want to accompany you on a vacation to Roatan.  There are no day care centers or other similar services that you might find in a "high end" resort atmosphere.  Forget the TVs in the hotel room, theme parks, and baby sisters by the pool.  If your child is very young, plan on providing your own support for the child.  Many private homes will not accept tourists with young children.  Some resorts welcome children and have staff geared to children.  Be sure to inquire about accepting children when you make your reservations.    You will step back in time when you come to Roatan.  Even young teenagers will need supervision on Roatan.  This is an adventurer's paradise, activities are outdoors, and involve real physical activity----just what you need to burn off that excess youthful energy.  

Picture of a child on a boat holding up a small fish. Picture of a child cracking open coconuts. Picture of a child holding an iguana. Picture of a child in full scuba gear under water at Spooky Channel.

Picture of a red and blue macaw sitting on a child shoulder at Rick's American Cafe.  Picture of a parent and child on a motor bike from Capt Van's rentals.  Pictue of children horseback riding in Sandy Bay on Roatan.

Group photo of kids snorkeling in Spooky Channel on Roatan.
There are other activities that the tourist traveler may want to consider for the kids.

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