Hydroponic Farm and Arboretum on Roatan

Picture of the hyrdoponic garden near Mud Hole on Roatan Island.

The Hydroponic Garden may offer visitors a tour of their 120 acre "garden" near the village of Mud Hole, Monday to Saturday.  Hydroponics is the art of cultivating plant life in a nutrient-water solution where the plant roots are supported by a substance other than soil.  There are two primary benefits of hydroponic gardening are the freshness  and high nutritional value of the vegetables and herbs.  Currently this unique hydroponic garden provides the local markets and restaurants with fresh lettuce (many different varieties, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green and red peppers, and about 20 different herbs.  The vegetables are grown in a completely controlled water nutrient rich environment on trays on the raised tables as pictured above. 

Surrounding the covered, enclosed hydro growing area is a small orchard of mangoes, limes, star fruit and other fruits and a natural forest.  The forest areas are being developed with a system of trails taking visitors on a tour of the many different types of plants that are native to Roatan. 

Picture of the growing trays at the hydroponic garden.

Hydroponic growing cubes are used to start the plants from seeds.  Soon you can learn all about the growing cycles and the wonderful fresh vegetables that are probably being served to you in the local restaurants and resorts.

Note:  We do not "book" or make reservations for the above activities. 
This information is provided solely to inform visitors of activities available on Roatan and is not an endorsement of the activity.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017
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