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Picture of language school student and instructor on Roatan Island.  Picture of language school classroom on Roatan Island.

The Central America Spanish School (CASS) has recently opened a branch on Roatan.  The school provides a full range of language training.  Generally classes are one on one but classes for your group can be arranged.   The curriculum can be adapted to fit your needs from a 1  hour basic survival session to daily 1 to 4 hour classes for students at all levels.  Everything is flexible to meet your individual needs and learn at your own pace. 

Free written and oral evaluations are given to each student before the class begins to determine the student’s individual skill level and requirements.  The student is then matched with their private teacher and a lesson plan is developed to meet their goals.  The student is  evaluated at various stages of the program to ensure that their maximum potential is achieved. The Spanish teaching program is generally based on 20 hours of class work per week.  Classes are often held in the mornings with the afternoon free for recreation and most importantly, time to practice Spanish through immersion in the local culture.  CASS emphasizes conversation, reading, grammar, and the experience of real life Spanish situations.

The school is a 10 minute beach walk from Vista Villas.  Classes are taught at the school in their garden setting or can be held at Vista Villas.  Come and stay at Vista Villas while learning or improving your Spanish.  A wonderful opportunity to study in a beautiful relaxed setting.   School in the morning and a snorkel or dive in the afternoon.  What could be more fulfilling?

CASS teachers are graduates of Honduran universities with years of experience teaching spanish.  Currently there is a special introductory rate of $150 for 20 hours of instruction. The school can be reached in LaCeiba at 440-1061 or or email cass@laceiba.com.  If calling from the US, be sure to dial 011 and then the country code of 504 and then the local number listed above.

 There are other classes available and they can be contacted via:
Spanish Lessons merjoya@yahoo.com 413-2015
Spanish Lessons Roatan   403-8021

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This information is provided solely to inform visitors of activities available on Roatan and is not an endorsement of the activity.

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