Roatan Island Dive Sites 11 to 15

11  West End Beach
Depth 5 to 130 feet with shore or boat access:
French Angel fish close up photo by Carlos Gordon, Roatan.

French Angle Fish
Photo by Carlos Gordon

West End Beach is a popular snorkeling area.   The sandy beach gently slopes to the barrier reef which is about 10 to 20 feet in depth.   All along the beachfront the coral reef is spotted with channels and coral formations.   Fresh water springs feed several spots in this area and the water change is dramatic.  This is an excellent area for small fish. 

12  West End
Depth 10 to 130+ feet with boat access:
Picture of tubes and sea fans on Roatan Island.

Tubes and Sea Fans
Photo by Matt Hoover

Steep ridges mark the area and are surrounded by flats that have a tremendous amount of large sponges.  Narrow fissures and pinnacles dot the underwater landscape.   Current is strong in this area.  

13 Herbie's Place
Depth 20 to 150+ feet with boat access:

Pillar coral picture taken by Matt Hoover, West End Digtial, Roatan.
Pillar Coral
Photo by Matt Hoover

Herbie's Place is on the south shore of Roatan in depths of 20 to 150 feet.  Drift diving is common in this area and some very large barrel sponges will be seen.  Most dive masters will drop you off and you'll drift to another dive site known as Pablo's Place. 

14 Enchanted Forest
Depth 8 to 110 feet with boat access:
Sea fan picture taken by Matt Hoover, West End Digital, Roatan.

Sea Fans
Photo by Matt Hoover

Enchanted Forest is located on a crest about a half a mile south of the reef.  The boat mooring is on a large flat sandy area in about 30 feet of water.  The upper part of the crest has barrel and vase sponges with lots of soft coral formations.    The slopes of the ridge contain multicolored sponges and polyps. 

15  Insidious Reef
Depth 30 to 130+ feet with boat access:
Picture of an eagle ray on Roatan Island.

Eagle Ray
Photo by Rick Reno

Insidious Reef is located away from the barrier reef on a gentle sloping offshore bank.  The south wall of the area is full of sea life from French angelfish to shark and manta rays.  The water depth is this area ranges from 30 to 130 feet.  

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